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THE STUCKISTS www.stuckism.com

THE STUCKISTS are a new school of artists who strive to bring the focus of art back to realistic painting. In the late 1990's a group of young English painters committed to realism had enough of the art world's fixation with all things postmodern. Stuckists embrace modernist and expressionist painters... so long as the artworks focus on figurative realism, no matter how primitive. Stuckist philosophy is defined as a radical international art movement for contemporary figurative painting with ideas.


ART FOR A CHANGE www.art-for-a-change.com/blog

MARK VALLEN runs a web log were he posts his opinions on art theory, exhibits, aesthetic movements past and present, as well as previews of his own works in progress. While Vallen lives and works in Los Angeles California, his weblog is not about the artscene in his city. He strives for an international focus on how artists can help transform the world.